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Research progress on Climate Change detection and projections for Spain from the IPCC AR5 findings | 11-13 March 2015 | Tortosa, Spain

The International Symposium CLIMATE-ES 2015 entitled "Research progress on climate change detection and projections for Spain from the IPCC AR5 findings”. This symposium organized by the major Spanish Climatology players will be held in Tortosa, Spain, 11-13 March 2015 (


15-12-2014 15-01-2015 Deadline for abstract submission and early registration

31-01-2015 Contributions acceptance notification

15-02-2015 Letter of Schedule for oral and poster contributions


Session 1:  Climate change in the pre-instrumental era: Palaeoclimate reconstructions and simulations over the Iberian Peninsula. Session chairs: Joan Grimalt (CSIC-IDAEA) and Santiago Giralt (IJA/CSIC).

Solicited talk: Climate reconstruction and simulation: from global to regional scales. By Fidel Gonzalez-Rouco (UCM/IGEO-CSIC).

Session 2: Climatic observations and instrumental reconstructions: the development of high-quality climate time-series, gridded products and data assimilation  techniques. Session chair: José Antonio Guijarro (AEMET).

Solicited talk: Current monthly homogenization approaches - benchmarking their strengths and weaknesses. By Victor Venema (U. Bonn)

Gridded datasets: limitations and uncertainty sources. By Sixto Herrera (UCAN y Predictia).

Session 3: Atmospheric variability: Trends, variability modes and teleconnetions within the Euro-Atlantic sector. Session chairs: Ernesto Rodríguez (AEMET) and Sergio Vicente Serrano (CSIC-IPE)

Solicited talk: Modes of Climate Variability and Atmospheric Circulation Systems in the Euro-Atlantic sector. By David Barriopedro (UCM-CSIC)


Session 4: Oceanic variability and sea level changes in the Iberian Peninsula shores and its archipielagos. Session chairs: Jordi Salat (ICM-CSIC) and Pedro Vélez (IEO)

Solicited talks: Oceanic climate variability over the Spanish Atlantic waters. Observed changes and trends in recent decades. By Cesar Gonzalez-Pola (IEO).

Changes in the Mediterranean water masses: detection and causes. By Manuel Vargas (IEO).


Session 5: Future climate change. Regional climate projections over Spain: atmosphere. Session chairs: Miguel Angel Gaertner (UCLM) and Juan Pedro Montávez (UM).

Solicited talks: Climate information for the next 30 years, a new tool for climate adaptation. By Paco Doblas (IC3).

Regional climate projections in the Iberian Peninsula (2060-2100). By Manuel de Castro (UCLM).


Session 6: Future climate change. Regional climate projections over Spain: marine environment. Session chair: Gabriel Jordà (IMEDEA CSIC-UIB).

Solicited talk: Climate change analysis in the Spanish shores and harbours for the 21st century. By Enrique Álvarez Fanjul (State Harbours).


Side Event: Operational and scientific challenges for climate services provision.

Round table: Challenges for communicating climate change to the society.